The sun shines on Piotr Zaleski

We asked our CEO and Co-Founder Piotr Zaleski about three main delivery experience trends of 2021.

  1. Differentiated pricing. Delivery has traditionally been free of charge within the e-commerce industry. We believe this is about to change. Delivery is transforming into an area with highly differentiated prices and delivery options. This allows the merchants to lower the cost pressure of logistics and actually make some profit on deliveries, which has not been the case for many years.
  2. Parallel shopping. Covid-19 has changed consumer behaviour for good, and the increased shopping online is here to stay. More and more consumers are now…

Juniper’s founder Mathilda Wibom Westerberg

Juniper offers premium bed linens, and never comprise on quality. Today we’re happy to welcome them as a new client.

We asked Junipers founder Mathilda Wibom Westerberg what she thinks an ideal delivery experience is like for her customers.

What is the ideal delivery experience for your consumers?
That it is simple, easy, flexible and feels like being in a luxury hotel, where things happen behind the scenes, all so that you can enjoy a relaxing experience. Ideally we would like to offer our customers the possibility to choose what ever suits them best at the moment. Whether that is having…

Willab Garden knows exactly what you need for any home-improvement project. Their expansive product assortment has made customers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland & Norway happy for over 30 years. Whether or not you are looking for lumber or greenhouses, you will find it at Willab Garden.

iDeal of Sweden’s new “Into the night” collection.

Last year iDeal of Sweden broke all records with insane amounts of orders from fashionable consumers all over the world. With Black Week less than a week away, we asked Adam Gudmundsson, Technical Development Manager, about the plans for this year!

How do you prepare for this year’s Black Week?
Plan, prep, and execute!
Because of how massive the last quarter is, our preparations begin early in the year. This of course includes the following Christmas sales.

Other than large efforts from every single department, such as preparing media, warehousing, collaborations, support, and advertising, we have throughout the year focused…

Airmee is one of Sweden’s first and fastest growing last-mile delivery innovators. Their ambition is to offer the world’s most environmentally friendly delivery options while delivering packages faster than anyone else. The customer base has grown rapidly since the start and Airmee’s same-day and express deliveries are increasingly common in checkout.

With Black Week around the corner, we took the opportunity to feel Airmee on the pulse and hear more about how same-day and express deliveries work, and what the real difference is!

You have the ambition to be the fastest in same-day delivery, and your express deliveries have a…

Swedish earphone company Urbanista know what their consumers want. They want to experience music, without compromising on looks or flexibility. And Urbanista offers that exactitude: great sound, fashionable design and, of course, the freedom to go wireless.

By putting a lot of focus on smart collabs with popular musicians, Urbanista has captured the attention of their consumers. To solidify this relationship even more, Urbanista turned to Ingrid to update the checkout process. We had a chat with them about the best delivery experience.

What is the ideal delivery experience for your consumers?

The ideal delivery experience for our customers is…

Chimi’s vision is to offer the right look for every occasion.

Chimi is a brand that everybody has had their eye on for quite some time. Founded by stylist Charlie Lindström and Daniel Djurdjevic in 2017, they aim to create sunglasses that matches every outfit and every mood.

Apart from their own collections, Chimi has also made several noteworthy collaborations with companies such as H&M. They’ve successfully sold items online from the start, but are now teaming up with Ingrid to amplify the customer journey.

What is the ideal delivery experience for Chimi’s consumers?

Fast, smooth and environmentally friendly.

Why are you integrating Ingrid?

Because we want to offer our consumers the ideal delivery experience:)

Which delivery options are you offering right now?

UPS, Budbee and Postnord, but there are many more to come!

Budbee’s new product “Budbee Box”

Budbee’s new delivery option, parcel lockers, are currently being rolled out at a rapid pace throughout Sweden, and Ingrid has been quick in adding Budbee Box in our Delivery Checkout.

We took the opportunity of asking Simon Strindberg, Marketing Manager at Budbee, some questions:

You are market leading in home deliveries and driving the development for consumer convenience at home, how come parcel lockers became the next step for Budbee?

It is true that we are the market leading in home deliveries and our investments in developing Budbee’s home delivery increase all the time. There are several reasons why the…

Verso Skincare was founded in 2013 and has since then focused on making utilitarian skincare with a timeless appearance — mainly through their unique product line containing a Vitamin A complex called Retinol 8. Their secret is to keep it simple, without compromising on quality. Verso’s products consist of few, carefully chosen ingredients with scientifically proven results.

As for the company’s objective, Verso offers their customers advanced skincare that is easy to use and suits every lifestyle. …

Morjas is the shoe brand that goes a different way than their competitors. With a D2C- business model, only selling online through their website, they create shoes for men with timeless design to last their owners for the next decades. Looking sharp shouldn’t cost more than necessary, and this belief is the backbone of the company.


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