Morjas Wants to Offer the Best Delivery Experience Possible

Morjas is the shoe brand that goes a different way than their competitors. With a D2C- business model, only selling online through their website, they create shoes for men with timeless design to last their owners for the next decades. Looking sharp shouldn’t cost more than necessary, and this belief is the backbone of the company.

In order to establish the brand on a competitive market, the team at Morjas has made a great effort to choose smart solutions and partnerships that will work for their growing business long-term. Our teams at Ingrid are very impressed with Morjas trajectory and high ambitions. We’ve asked Simon Malmberg, COO at Morjas, about his views on the importance of the delivery experience:

Your team has shown great forward thinking in terms of prioritizing the post-purchase experience so early on your journey as a brand.What is the ideal delivery experience for Morjas’ consumers?
Convenient, fast and secure. Our customers should be able to choose their preferable carrier and type of service that suits their everyday life no matter where they are geographically. We want our customers to be positively surprised with every touchpoint of our brand. Shipping plays a big role in the total shopping experience of buying online and therefore we believe that we always need to develop our offer.

Why are you integrating Ingrid?
We want to offer the best delivery experience possible for our customers and Ingrid helps us achieve that. Ingrid also gives us the flexibility to setup new carriers, communicate what to expect for each delivery alternative and the ability to premiering more environmentally friendly options.

Which delivery options are you offering right now?
At this given time, we offer Postnord, Budbee and UPS to cover our shipping globally. Soon we’re going live with parcel locker deliveries as well. We are constantly looking for new fast and convenient shipping alternatives that our customers appreciate and prefer. With that said we are continuously going to add more local shipping options that are adapted to our different markets in order to meet customer expectations. We have just started. Our goal is to be best at deliveries in our niche.

Morjas’ showroom in Stockholm

The partnership with Morjas is what Ingrid considers to be a perfect fit.

“What impressed us about Morjas is both their smart business model, but also that they understand how valuable the delivery experience is for the entire customer journey. Morjas is spearheading the future of sustainable e-commerce without compromising on quality”, says André Sikborn Erixon, Product Manager at Ingrid.

Delivery, designed for you

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