Nudie Jeans Promotes Sustainability in Delivery Checkout

Pioneering jeans brand Nudie Jeans is one of Ingrid’s newest clients. Since 2001 Nudie Jeans have promoted what they call a wear and tear-way of thinking, and apart from selling jeans they also offer repairs in order to make sure their products live longer.

Sustainability is one of the most important issues for the brand and all jeans are made from 100% organic cotton. Needless to say this was an important priority in the post-purchase experience Nudie Jeans seeked to create when teaming up with Ingrid, integrating the Delivery Checkout.

What is the ideal delivery experience for Nudie’s consumers?

As environmentally friendly as possible, flexible and punctual. We CO2-compensate for all our shipments. Home delivery has also been popular during Covid19.

Why are you implementing Ingrid?

To be able to offer the best service in each country, giving the consumer their preferred choice of service. We see Ingrid as a key partner in our global omni-channel rollout, picking up and shipping from stores and to reduce our environmental footprint.

Which delivery options are you offering right now?

Right now we have just started and are active in 47 countries. We currently offer UPS Standard, UPS Express Saver, UPS Express, Budbee, Postnord Home, Postnord Collect DHL Parcel but are in negotiations with several more.

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